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AllSorts Festival 2022 164.jpg

The Melting Pot is a large hemispherical love shack with a band stage, euphoric party lighting and an epic centrepiece. With a quality sound system, outer seating and unbeatable energy brought by YOU, this is the epicentre of the AllSorts Festival. The dome will be surrounded by sofas for anyone who needs to take five, and is attached to the main bar for easy access.



The Cigloo is where things get sweaty. This cosy geodome is situated through a path in the bushes, and boasts electric acoustics and another giant centrepiece. With a heavy low-end, a crowd-level DJ setuo and unique decor, the Cigloo is where you will find the niche sounds you crave.

AllSorts Festival 2022 463.jpg


Last but not least is our chillout space, Otto's Grotto. The Grotto is dedicated to resting, talking, enjoying some downtime, and is situated in the centre of the campsite near the festival entrance. Packed to the brim with sofas, artwork, information packs and more, this is the place to take a break... And it's BYOB permitted! That said, we do encourage you to support the venue by using the bar in the main site as much as possible.

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