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Still Pigeon

Formed in student digs and intimate music nights, Still Pigeon have been writing, producing and performing their own unique brand of alternative pop since 2018.


Taking influence from Men I Trust, Easy Life and Crumb, the five-piece blend lush synths and playful sampling with a tight funk/indie inspired rhythm section to create a fresh, danceable contribution to the exciting sub-genre.

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Miya the Sun

Miya The Sun are a Bristol based band that form a unique blend of Jazzy Hip-Hop, Neo Soul and Funk.


Influenced by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Tom Misch, The Roots and Jamiroquai, Miya The Sun showcase a truly special sound, with a range of topics explored within their lyrics.

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Marble sun

Marble Sun, specialising in blends of expansive electronic soundscapes and infectious rhythm, is comprised of best mates Tim Davies and Olivia Williams.

Marble Sun deliver exciting and unique live performances using a plethora of personalised modular synthesisers, self-produced sound, and original vocals.

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Token Honey

Token Honey emerged from Manchester in early 2022, Inspired by the likes of Nile Rodgers, Parcels, and Blossoms. Their versatile sound combines thundering grooves, funky guitars, and five-way vocal harmonies.


With sold-out headline shows in Manchester and London under their belt, Token Honey are forging a reputation for their vibrant, energetic and polished live sets.

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Totally Amorphous

Totally amorphous crawled out of a primordial soup of sonic ambiguity at 56:12:03, anno 13 days before Antichrist, at 74° North of South.


After undergoing many tedious, painful phases of mitosis, four distinct individuals were formed, capable of profound grooviness. They soon ate the soup, but remain primordial.

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human error

Anglo-Italian brotherly rap duo (Deo de Madman & NGMA) burn through today’s era of post-modern rap with a taste of its own corrosive medicine.

Intellectual, tongue-in-cheek and provocative, Human Error blends scathing social/political commentary with technical MC’ing, whilst keeping it light-hearted with irony and high-powered beats.


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